Welcome to flumbles

Flumbles is the home of the Shnugglefluffles, the characters in the popular children’s  book ‘Matthew & The Shnugglefluffle’.

Designed to be a positive part of a baby and toddlers bedtime routine, the short story, takes you on a calming magical journey into the sleepy world of the Shnugglefluffles.

If you have a ‘sleep resistant’ child this is the book for you!

Apart from loving the bright graphics, as an author, I was intoxicated by the child-friendly hypnotic language – almost falling asleep as I read it out loud at bedtime…

For me, this is a no-brainer buy.

David Miskimin – The Coaching Parent

Matthew & The Shnugglefluffle

Just imagine a world where settling your child down to sleep was no longer a battle of personalities, instead replaced by something you all looked forward to…

If you knew your child liked a comfy bed and friendly cuddly creatures, what would your imagination do?  Find the answers in this lovely, original, inspirational; yet remarkably relaxing, short story.

Matthew & The Shnugglefluffle is the perfect last book before sleep in any child’s bedtime routine.