Personalised bedtime storybooks for toddlers and young children

Welcome to the home of the Shnugglefluffles.

Our fully personalised children’s stories have been carefully and lovingly written to help your child’s imagination and encourage a positive bedtime routine.

Bedtime Adventure

Shnugglefluffle's Bedtime Adventure

Countdown to sleep, with our magical personalised bedtime story.

Christmas Adventure

Shnugglefluffle's Christmas Adventure

Santa can't deliver his presents if the children aren't asleep.

Personalised Books

Each book is personalised with your child's name, choice of character and dedication.

Independent Author

The Shnugglefluffle Books are written by Adam, a dad of two young boys.

Perfect Gift

Written for babies and toddlers the books are a lovely gift for Parents, Grandparents & Friends.

Choose Your Character

Each book is available with a choice of main characters to help your child connect with this enchanting bedtime story. 

Personalised with your child’s name and your custom message, each book is a beautiful memory to be treasured for years to come.


Personalised Bedtime Books for Babies & Young Children

Designed to be part of a positive bedtime routine for babies and toddlers, the Shnugglefluffle Adventures are the perfect last book before cuddles and lights out.

Personalised with your child’s name, character and personal message, our illustrated books are designed to be engaging, memorable and calming.

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