A book to help toddlers and young children to sleep.

A personalised book with a printed gift message, the Shnugglefluffles bedtime storybooks have been carefully written to encourage a positive bedtime routine and be kept as a memorable childhood keepsake.

Recommended For Ages  0 - 4yrs

A positive bedtime routine

A positive bedtime routine

Spending so many hours with my first son helping him get to sleep inspired me to write a book designed to be the last story before sleep.

Using calming words, the books help prepare your child for sleep and demonstrate how they can find their very own Shnugglefluffle.

Bedtime Dreams

The Shnugglefluffles live in that moment between being awake and asleep. When you very occasionally drift too, where you can direct your dreams and curate your own adventures.

In my early years as a parent, I often found myself feeling that I was both awake and asleep at the same time. This is when i found my first Shnugglefluffle! ????

A positive bedtime routine

For my boys xx

I am so lucky to have two brilliant boys and the support and guidance of my wonderful wife.

Her gentle approach to parenting has been inspirational and hopefully reflected within the books, which aim to be creative, imaginative, positive and calming.

A huge thank you also goes to my mummy and my father-in-law, both have kindly refined and enhanced each story.

Thank you

I hope the Shnugglefluffles bring a fun and magic to your bedtime routines and help your little ones calmly drift off to their own amazing dreams.

If you would like to find out more about gentle parenting, visit Sarah Ockwell-Smith’s website. Her books have been a great resource to us.