Toddlers Personalised Bedtime Story Book Launch

The Snugglefluffles Bedtime Adventures takes youngsters on a calming journey, leading into a gentle and positive bedtime experience

Parent blogger 'It’s Adam Again' has announced the publication of a bedtime storybook aimed to support parents of young children that struggle to sleep with a vibrant yet calming adventure that eases them into the land of nod.

A Child-Friendly Adventure Loved By Kids & Parents Alike

The Snugglefluffles Bedtime Adventures is a new children’s book written and illustrated specifically with bedtime in mind. The daily struggles of getting toddlers and young children to sleep becomes just a little easier as the mesmerising vibrant and calming images and comforting narratives take young minds on a faraway journey towards from being awake into that magical sweet spot between consciousness and sleep.

Available with a choice of six characters and personalised with your childs name – the story sees children set off in their rocket to meet the Snugglefluffles in a far off planet before taking on an exciting adventure that ends with the calming routine of counting down into the world of sleep.

Crucially, easing young minds into sleep through the magical story ensures that they stay there upon the book’s conclusion too. The Snugglefluffles Bedtime Adventures is a suitable story for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers alike, enhancing their imagination while helping them slip into the crucial REM stage of sleep.

David Miskimin of the Coaching Parent endorsed the product, stating: “"If you have a ‘sleep resistant’ child this is the book for you! Apart from loving the bright graphics, as an author, I was intoxicated by the child-friendly hypnotic language – almost falling asleep as I read it out loud at bedtime… For me, this is a no-brainer buy."

Children love the imaginative story and friendly characters while the writing also helps parents with pacing. The results? Forty winks or all.

About: Its Adam Again

Its Adam Again is a parent blogger based in Yorkshire exploring days out with his two children.

With two young boys, one of who found it difficult to get to sleep and another that would wake up before first light, he invented the friendly, fluffly, cuddley and warm-hearted creatures primarily as a way to help his own kids get to sleep. After the joy experienced, the Shnugglefluffles are now available for families throughout the UK to enjoy too.

The books can be personalised by adding the child directly into the story and including a short message for prosperity.

A great gift for young children, bedtime routines never looked so good.