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"The idea of the Shnugglefluffles came when we were on a long 'naptime' drive on a particularly sleep-deprived weekend. Looking for a distraction from everything going around in Little M's head."

"I needed something to help my little toddler to focus on, so i started to tell him a story... this is when the Shnugglefluffles joined our family"

Adam. Creator of the Shnugglefluffles

Not the greatest sleeper, Little M would struggle to get to sleep and often wake up until he was around three years old. At nap time stopping at traffic lights would be a risk and whilst holding him, he knew if you even thought about sitting down.

As advocates of gentle parenting, we tried everything to help and support him and always followed a positive bedtime routine. Then at around three and a half years old, he gradually became the best sleeper out of anyone in the family.

Feeling safe and loved he has grown up to be a confident, happy and charming young boy.. who still has great affection for the Shnugglefluffles who were regularly part of his bedtime journey.

A book to get your child to sleep

I would like to think the books played a part, but I am not sure that was the case. Do the bedtime books guarantee your toddler will finish the story, turn over and instantly go to sleep? If it did, they would be on sale for a lot more money and we would be living in a house made of lavender, camomile and the snoozy sparkles from the stars!

The books have been written and developed to be the 'last book before sleep time' offering consistency and routine to help your child understand that after the book is finished, it is time to go to sleep.

Each short story follows a pattern, of calming actions that help prepare your toddler for lights out and magical dreams, highlighting the opportunities to explore in our dreams.

I would love for the Shnugglefluffles to become a part of your little ones early childhood memories, especially with our fully personalised books, which include your child's name, look-a-like character and introduction note that they can keep as they grow older.

Thank you for visiting, welcome to flumbles (the land of the Shnugglefluffles) and sweet dreams!