Toddler & Young Childrens Activity Sheets

Download our FREE fun Shnugglefluffe activity sheets designed for toddlers and young children.

Space Colouring in Activity Sheet

A printable colouring in sheet with a mix of simple and complex colouring shapes.

Maze in Activity Sheet

Help fly your rocket through the Shnugglefluffle dust to find your very own Shnugglefluffle.

Colouring in Activity Sheet

Mirroring the half coloured in sheet, your child can learn about mirrors and symmetry whilst also colouring a nice picture of a rocket.

Matching Activity Sheet

Match the space ships to the shadows. It is a more complex version of the square peg in the square hole.

Handwriting Activity Sheet

Following the lines whilst holding a crayon or felt tip is a great way to help your child’s handwriting development. They will learn to hold the pen and use hand eye co-ordination.

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